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Quick and easy online shopping in all integrated stores. No more passwords. No more re-entering the same personal data. One short scan, one click, done.

Swiftlox enables online shops to close the gap to market leader Amazon. Up to 37% of cart abandonments at check-out can be reduced. The smartphone is the data safe. Enter your data only once in the Swiftlox app and by scanning a QR-Code, a secure connection to the online shop is established. Transparancy is key and only user approved personal data is provided. No more double-opt-in using our secure communication channel. With Swiftlox just forget about passwords.


Capture the store's QR-Code with your camera


Choose which data to provide to the shop.


In all participating brand stores.


Alexander has founded Swiftlox. Being CTO and technical leader for serveral years, he is now solving one of the e-commerce problems.

Swiftlox GmbH
Hafenstr. 47-51, 4020 Linz

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